Webinar: Tackling the (Drivers) Workforce Shortage

16 May 2023

Last Tuesday, on the 16th of May, we hosted a successful online event that addressed the workforce shortage, with a specific focus on the drivers’ industry.

This insightful online event aimed to tackle critical workforce shortage issues faced by various industries, with a specific emphasis on the drivers’ field. The event proved to be a valuable platform for exchanging expertise and exploring practical solutions.

The event brought together professionals from diverse backgrounds, sharing their experiences and strategies for attracting and retaining talent. Mr. Sandi Meke, representing Zavod RS za zaposlovanje- ZRSZ / ESS info-point, shed light on the efforts being made at the national level to address the workforce shortage. Ms. Leonela Domitrovič, from Adecco d.o.o., shared her expertise in talent acquisition and discussed the importance of innovative approaches in attracting skilled drivers from India. Mr. Aleš Bizjak and Ms. Eva Kusič Mihelčič, representing Poclain Hydraulics d.o.o., provided practical examples of recruiting professionals from overseas to fill their job positions, offering inspiration to address the shortage effectively.

Attendees of the event had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange best practices. This collaborative environment fostered a wealth of knowledge sharing among professionals from different sectors, leading to new ideas and approaches to alleviate the workforce shortage.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers and participants.