The world only moves because you make it move: #TheFutureIsYou

SKB Group introduces a new brand platform, and a new signature: The Future Is You. This new signature echoes, and consistently supports, Société Générale’s “Transform to Grow” strategic plan. It acts as a cement among 147,000 employees worldwide, and as a strong link with their clients.

“The Future Is You” is a new corporate signature, through which the Group primarily addresses its clients: individuals and corporates, young and senior, working and retired, women and men, entrepreneurs, all those who have positive ideas, plans, and somehow strive for development. Banks have the important mission of supporting their clients, and helping them build the future. Banks have technical expertise, on the basis of which they can help their clients assessing opportunities and risks, and finding out the right solutions for the execution of their plans.

It is more than a slogan, at SKB. It is a commitment, embodied by our teams, supported by actions, to stimulate the realization of positive impact projects that are important for our clients and our communities. The world moves because individuals move it, and our mission as a bank is to support them, developing a long term relationship based on trust, finding the best and most secure solutions for these projects to actually happen. We believe that we can contribute to our environment, and to our culture, by supporting the preservation of the original Slovene bee species through our urban beekeeping project. We know the importance of promoting sound ways of life, and have been the main sponsor of Slovenia’s Olympic Committee for more than two decades. We encourage the #INeverGiveUp movement, which fosters the achievement of individual goals, overcoming various obstacles.

“In SKB, we believe our mission is to empower each and everyone who wants to positively impact the future. It’s not the world that moves, it’s you that makes it move every day, thanks to your actions, your ideas, your plans.”, said Andre Gardella, CEO of SKB, when presenting the Group’s renewed brand.