17 March 2022 – French Slovenian Business Club organized roundtable event with the title “Causes and consequences of rising energy prices in the recent period and what else awaits us?

The invited experts provided an insight into current energy prices, how they are affecting businesses and consumer and impact in rising food prices.
Mr. Bojan Ivanc, CFA, CAIA chief economist at the Chamber of Commerce presented us with fresh data and possible scenarios of impact on the companies in Slovenia. Prof. Aleš Kuhar, PhD agrarian economist and lecturer at the University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty has explained the negative effects on local and global food supply chain and can Slovenia strengthen self-sufficient in food production. Mr. Martin Novšak, advisory to general director of GEN energija, d.o.o. enlightened us with the insight of what impacted recent energy price increase and what are future forecasts.

Initial forecast, that price energy will calm down from April 2022, could not have predicted Russian’s aggression on Ukraine. All speakers were united that this is unprecedent event that brought prices through the roof. The consequences on higher food and energy prices will be seen already in short.

The debate was concluded in more optimistic note that as consequence of the current event Europe and Slovenia have now the opportunity to rethink the energy policy.

We have concluded the event on more “bubbly” note with guest wine maker that joined French savoir-faire with Slovenian grapes and tradition. Our guest was Mr. François Botton from Domaine Slapšak.