French-Slovenian Business club was launched in September 2017. President of the club is Leon Lozar,  director at Aquasystems. The club consist 32 members and was established as a platform to exchange knowledge and experience among representatives of Slovenian and French enterprises interested in doing business on both markets. Its aim is to further strengthen economic and business relations between Slovenia and France.

France is among the five most important foreign trade partners of Slovenia, which we mostly work in the field of the automotive industry, and the Slovenian intention is to increase the trade of goods to 5 billion euros by 2025. According to economists, the newly established French-Slovenian Business Club will also be a great contributor to this.
(Svet Kapitala, 17. januar 2018)


The mission is defined in the Club’s Statute but the club‘s deliverables for the members are of utmost importance, such as meeting interesting people and making exchanges which mutually enrich lives and business, sharing professional expertize and experiences on Slovenian, French and regional business conduct, and also sharing the professional expertize on local, regional and global trends and regarding the emerging challanges, new business models and paradigms. 

We also deliberate on improving the members’ business opportunities in the region by networking enabled by Frenc-Slovenian Business Club, structuring and stregthening of the French-Slovenian business community aiming to enabling its relevance and pursuing and promoting its business interests at different levels. We do understand the importance of easing the exchange of ideas with creators of politics, legislation and economic policy. Club will also enable the potential synergies for creating of the new business opportunities. 

We are bulding our deliverables on Club’s values: 
enabling the relaxed socializing, quality communication, sharing and exchange, mutuality and frienships.