Farwell to H.E. Mrs. Florence Ferrari

20 June 2022 – After four years in Slovenia we have said goodbye to the ambassador H.E. Florence Ferrari. We are publishing here the full speech given by the president of the French Slovenian Business Club, Mrs. Tatjana Šikovec.

“This beautiful, sunny and flourishing evening we gathered to thank our honorary member,
Her Excellency Mrs. Florence Ferrari, the French Ambassador to Slovenia for her exceptional
support in the work of our Club and to wish her much success and personal happiness in her
new career.
Those few years from September 2018 to the present have passed as always, when we look
back, too quickly. The time was also marked by difficult challenges such as the Korona
Epidemic, which prevented us from having more beautiful events and socializing together,
but the memories remained.
Dear Florence,
We agree that the relationship between the embassy and the club has never been so good,
so open as it’s now. With your arrival, the club sailed with full sails, and the events were
relaxed, but content and professional, which reflects your heartfelt, open, connecting
commitment to our work.
Thank you for putting the wind in our sails. It is obvious that you and the previous president
of the club, Mr. Lozar built the foundations of the club perfectly, which is now progressing.
Thank you for taking the time to attend most of our society’s events.
Thank you for your invitations and hospitality at your residence, at your home as in the case
of the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis or the visit of Mr. Brunel recently and others.
Thank you for your connecting role with the economy, the visit of the French Minister
during the Slovenian Presidency.
Thank you for falling in love with Slovenia. You were the first ambassador to climb to the top
of Triglav. Well done.
You have learned Slovenian, so you must come back to us many times. You know: La langue
ca se pratique.
And as I found out, you adopted two kittens from the shelter, so you have a Slovenian
There are many reasons to come back as often as possible and we will be happy to have
Let’s raise our glasses to you.”