Business French Kiss, open door event

14 September 2023

Ljubljana, 14.9.2023 – The “Business French Kiss” event, hosted by the French Slovenian Business Club, brought together members and non-members of French branches in Slovenia. This gathering was all about fostering new business relationships and partnerships in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The event aimed to fulfill the club’s mission of connecting people and the French business community in Slovenia. We were honored to have Her Excellency, French Ambassador to Slovenia, Mrs. Florence Levy, in attendance, showing her support for this mission.

Tatjana ҆ikovec, President of the French Slovenian Business Club, gave an inspiring speech. She highlighted the importance of French charm and Slovenian hospitality in keeping the desire for connection alive. She emphasized, “Our goal is to bring together the French-Slovenian business community and those who promote ties between our countries. Everyone matters, and when positive spirits, goodwill, and open conversations come together, new business opportunities emerge.”

The event featured a group speed-meeting format, allowing attendees to connect on a personal level and explore potential business collaborations. The aim was to inspire attendees, encourage new relationships, and strengthen existing ones.

“Business French Kiss” reflects the French Slovenian Business Club’s commitment to promoting business growth and cooperation through networking and partnerships.

As attendees raised their glasses to celebrate successful partnerships and a brighter business future, the event underscored the importance of collaboration and building bridges between different business communities.