A battle for talents

Ljubljana, 16th of March 2018

On Friday, March 16th Ljubljanske mlekarne hosted the first in a series of events organized by the French-Slovenian business club. Representatives of five different companies shared the good practice and challenges they are currently facing in the area of human resources management. The labour market has not been as active since 2009 and it enables employees to change their job easily. The question is no longer how to attract talented employees but how to retain them, agreed the participants of the roundtable.   


Global trends in terms of technological changes and demographic trends are setting the tempo of human resources management. We live in an era of extremely rapid changes. The amount of information we absorb in a week is larger than the amount of information people consumed in their entire lifetime in the 18th century. Unemployment rate in Slovenia is currently the lowest since 2009, good employees can find new jobs easily and the millennials are about to represent 50 percent of the workforce soon. They crucial question companies have to ask themselves is how to motivate employees, both blue and white collar.

Mateja Tišler, HR director at Ljubljanske mlekarne emphasized the importance of delivering a clear vision of possible promotion, especially for younger employees: “If they don’t see a clear career path within the company there is great risk of them leaving, given the circumstances on the labour market. Another important aspect is recognition, for both young and older employees. If recognition is missing, good payment and working environment might just not be enough.”

At Renault Nissan Slovenija they are working hard on developing their own internal talents or they import talents from other countries. A comprehensive talent development system called “Talent journey” has been developed on regional level.

Poclain Hydraulics production plant is situated in Žiri, the distant location itself being a challenge. A mentorship programme has been set up in order to keep the knowledge within the company as many older employees are retiring and young ones joining the company. They cooperate closely with faculties and high schools as well.

Setting up a completely new team for Intercontinental hotel Ljubljana, the only five-star hotel in the capital city, was as great challenge due to a deficit in key service positions. Having hired a large number of millennials they are using specific methods of motivating them. These are significantly different from the ones used to motivate the generation of their parents, which, for example, represent the majority of employees in Revoz, the fifth participant of French-Slovenian Business club’s roundtable.