7th Annual General Assembly

18 April 2024

Members of the French Slovenian Business Club gathered at the traditional venue of Golf Club Cubo Slmednik, reflecting on the past events of the year 2023. We elected a new Vice President; congratulations to Mr. Jure Konič! We extend our gratitude to Mr. Matej Čufer for his dedicated years of service to the club. Additionally, we welcomed Mr. Jože Bele from company Revoz as a new member of the board. Congratulations, and we look forward to working together to further the goals of the French Slovenian Business Club.

A heartfelt thank you to President Mrs. Tatjana Šikovec for her past work and dedicated approach to new opportunities and growth. Special appreciation to Ambassador Ms. Florence Levy for her extended speech and insights into current bilateral relations, and for her continued support to the club.

The event was characterized by a sense of camaraderie and friendship among the members. We concluded the assembly with discussions on the possible future extension of the club’s activity. We’ve committed to conducting more in-depth analyses on the possibility of assuming a lesser role in Business France activities in the future.

Membership remains the core body deciding on the extent of these activities. We will convene for a future separate meeting to vote on this matter. Further details will be provided in due course.

We missed all members who were unable to join us and hope they can participate in future events.