20th anniversary of Detralex in Slovenia

Our member – company Servier – is celebrating 20 years since Detralex, one of the most recognisably and effective medicine.

Detralex was launched in 1998 in Slovenia. For over 20 years, Detralex has served in providing benefits for the treatment of chronic venous disease and also for the management of acute hemorrhoidal disease.

Do you know that chronic venous disease affects every second adult in the world? The symptoms are usually pain, heaviness, or swelling in the legs. They increase with age but also during summer time because of the hot weather. It is important to stop this bad venous circulation and mostly to prevent complication.

Detralex is a phlebotonic medication, which is a combination of micronized flavonoids, to relieve the symptoms and improve vascular health. Detralex can be also recommended to the patients suffering from acute hemorrhoidal attacks. Most of people suffer in silence as they do not like to talk about it. We need too break the taboo as it is estimated that by age 50, about half of adults have hemorrhoidal problems. Detralex can relieve anal pain and bleeding. Our oral treatment acts at the core of venous inflammation. Detralex is available over-the-counter, without prescription. After 20 years in Slovenia, Detralex keeps providing patients with relief from their symptoms at all stages of chronic venous disease and helping patients suffering from hemorrhoidal problems.

Congratulation, Servier!