2019: A good year for Renault in Slovenia

As much as we do not like to guess the future, we really cannot miss if we say that 2019 will be a good year for Renault in Slovenia. The year started well already in January when we launched the refreshed Kadjar – crossover, whose launching campaign has been made in beautiful nature of Slovenia.

In May Renault will start selling the second phase of the current Twingo, the star of big cities. Twingo is exclusively made only at Revoz factory in Novo Mesto, so we can definitely say that this is a Slovenian car! However, we will save the best for September. When the school begins, Renault will start selling the fifth generation of Clio, the most sold car in the history of RENAULT and the most frequent car on Slovenian streets. Again, this will also be a Slovenian car, as REVOZ has been chosen to be one of two factories in the world that will produce the most important model of RENAULT globally! Two iconic cars, launched in 2019, both made in Slovenia – this is why 2019 will definitely be a a good year for RENAULT in Slovenia!